Titles with 'Melodrama Genre'

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1 Litre no Namida

School Life, Romance, Family, Daily life, Melodrama, Tragedy

1 Litre no Namida Special

School Life, Romance, Family, Daily life, Melodrama, Tragedy

Angel Eyes [KDrama]

Drama, Melodrama, Romance

Arang and the Magistrate

Fantasy, period, mystery, comedy, romance, action, melodrama

Cinderella`s Sister

Melodrama, Romance

Descendants of the Sun (Kdrama Series)

Romance, melodrama, comedy

Doctor Stranger

Medical, melodrama, romance, action, thriller

Empress Ki (Kdrama Series)

Romance, historical, action, melodrama

Faith (Kdrama)

Action, Fantasy, Melodrama, Historical

Hotel King (Kdrama Series)

Melodrama, Revenge, Romance

It’s Okay, That’s Love (Kdrama Series)

Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, Medical

Love Rain (Kdrama)

Romance, Melodrama

Miss Ripley (Kdrama)

Melodrama, Romance

Missing You (Kdrama)

Melodrama, Romance

My Lovely Girl (Kdrama Series)

Melodrama, Romance, Musical, Drama, Romantic comedy

Nappeun Namja

Melodrama, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy

Postman to Heaven

Romance, Melodrama, Fantasy

Secret Garden

Romance, Melodrama, Comedy, Fantasy

Secret Love

Melodrama, romance, suspense, crime, mystery

Three Days [KDrama]

Action, thriller, political, crime, mystery, melodrama, romance