Other Titles: A・LI・CE

Genre(s): SciFi

Type: TV

Episode: 1

Rate: 5.2 (Rated by 5 Members)

Aired: Feb 5, 2000 to Feb 5, 2000


In the year 2030, a lunar voyage goes bad, and a rocket ship crashes back to earth. Alice, the youngest person ever to be sent in space, is the only survivor of the wreck. Barely able to shake the trauma of the crash, and prematurely thrust back to her home planet, Alice is suddenly attacked by an army of strange, metallic warriors. After being chased by the creatures, she is saved by a young man named Juan, who provides her with shelter from the insanity outside. But the surprises for Alice have only just begun. She discovers to her utmost shock that she has been catapulted 30 years into the future, to a time when the Earth is under a ferocious dictatorship orchestrated by the diabolical Nero and his maliciously evil super-computer SS10X.

For unknown reasons, Nero and a group of resistance fighters appear to be very interested in Alice, who by all evidence holds the key to a dangerous secret from the past. Forced into action, Alice decides to confront Nero to put a stop to his insane world domination. For this quest, she is joined by Juan and his Barbie Doll bimbo Robot, an ancient domestic machine that nonetheless has a serious desire for emancipation. But the road to the cryptic leader's lair is not so simple, holding many dangerous surprises. The mystery hovering above them slowly begins to clear, until a painful reality is revealed. It appears that Alice is none other than Nero's mother, jetted into the future by resistance fighters, because she is the only one who has the power to destroy her monstrous, and now very grown-up child. A complex and emotionally painful confrontation between the two now lurks on the horizon.

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