Other Titles: .hack//Liminality

Genre(s): SciFi, Seinen, Fantasy

Type: TV

Episode: 4

Rate: 7.44 (Rated by 32 Members)

Aired: Jun 19, 2002 to Apr 11, 2003


.hack//Liminality is an OVA series directly related to the .hack video game series for the PlayStation 2, with the perspective of Liminality focused on the real world as opposed to the games' MMORPG The World. Liminality was separated into four volumes; each volume was released with its corresponding game. The initial episode is 45 minutes long, while subsequent episodes are 30 minutes long.An accident occuring in "The World", will be solved in the net framework space. Mai and Kasumi collapse in the real world, however, only Mai recovers, leaving Tomonari in a coma. The incident will be investigated through the real world point of view. You will continue to come closer to the truth of the accident within the game while investigating from the real world in this OVA.

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