Other Titles: テクノライズ

Genre(s): Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Ecchi, Gunfights, SciFi, Seinen, Sexual Abuse, Tragedy, Violence

Type: TV

Episode: 22

Rate: 8.32 (Rated by 41 Members)

Aired: Apr 17, 2003 to Sep 25, 2003


Lukuss is a forsaken City where despair and violence is widespread. Its sole purpose of existence is mining rafia, a rare material that connects the human body, a necessity to texhnolyzation - manufacturing mechanical limbs.
There lives Ichise, a boy who carves his life in gamble boxing to live, Ran, a girl who sees the near future and Oonishi Kyogo, the leader of Organo who can hear the "Voice of the Town".

Lukuss is governed by force by Organo, a battle equipped working class organization. An opposing anti-tehnolyze force is the Citizen Salvation Alliance led by Kalis Makimata. There also exists a gang of texhnolyzed youths proclaiming freedom called Racan. Out of the city live the people of Gabe, a subterranean spiritual community following the words of The Seer.

The town symbol Obelisk silently watches the delicate balance of Lukuss, for chaos is about to unfold.

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