Other Titles: TOKK?[特公]

Genre(s): Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Cops, Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Law and Order, Seinen, Special Squads, Swordplay, Violence

Type: TV

Episode: 13

Rate: 8.68 (Rated by 69 Members)

Aired: Apr 16, 2006 to Jul 30, 2006


Five years ago, a tragedy befell a certain housing community in Machida. To the public, it was known as a bizarre cultist serial killing in which three hundred and eighty-two people were massacred, leaving only twelve survivors. Even now, the area is closed off to the public, hiding the massive hole that seems to be growing every day, engulfing more and more of the abandoned buildings.

Shindou Ranmaru, one of the survivors, is bent on the revenge of his parents who were murdered in the Machida Incident. Even while plagued by nightmarish dreams of monsters and a half-naked woman wielding a sword, he's graduated into the ranks of the Special Mobile Investigation Force, known as TOKKI.

On his first day within TOKKI, Shindou Ranmaru meets the woman who he's been seeing in his dreams, and he begins to learn the truth behind his parents' murder.

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