Appleseed (2004)

Other Titles: アップルシード

Genre(s): Action, Cyborgs, Gunfights, Mecha, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi

Type: TV

Episode: 1

Rate: 8.56 (Rated by 55 Members)

Aired: Apr 17, 2004 to Apr 17, 2004


It's 2131 A.D.. Deunan Knute had been a soldier in the battlefields for most of her life. When the World War ends, she's transported to the city of Olympus to live peacefully and finds out that, in an effort to protect the human race from future wars, humans have created the Bioriods, a geneticaly enhanced race of people that have restrained feelings and therefore cannot hurt each other.

She discovers, however, that not everyone is happy with this Human-Bioriod symbiosis: many humans treat Bioriods as a lower species and a threat to their future, the human-controlled Military is seeking annihilation of all Bioriods and the Bioriod-controlled government is afraid of a coup d' etat.

The task falls on Deunan to bring peace to the world again. In this she's aided by her former lover, Briareos, who has lost his body in war and has become a cyborg: a brain in an artificial body.

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