Ojamajo Doremi

Other Titles: おジャ魔女どれみ

Genre(s): Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Elementary School, Fantasy, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, School Life, Shoujo

Type: TV

Episode: 51

Rate: 8.36 (Rated by 25 Members)

Aired: Feb 7, 1999 to Jan 30, 2000


The translated title of the show is "Unskilled Witch Doremi". The story first focuses on Doremi Harukaze (pink witch), a child who sometimes feels she doesn't have any luck on her side.

Doremi's life was about to change when she stumbles into an old shop called MAHO-DOU (Magic Shop) The owner of the shop is an old witch named Majorika. Doremi panics and yells the word "witch" which causes Majorika to transform into a green blob almost permanantly. Majorika makes Doremi a witch in training in order to turn her back into a human.
Doremi must also run the magic store since Majorika is now a green blob, Doremi immediately agrees and receives a transformation brooch called a Rhythm Tap, a regular brown broom to fly, and a magic wand that feeds on magic beads.

Doremi starts her adventure by learning basic magic and flying. Her lone adventure doesn't last however when her cover is blown by her best friend Hazuki Fujiwara (orange witch), and new transfer student Aiko Seno (blue witch). Majorika gives the 2 girls a chance to become student witches as well in order to protect the true identity of Doremi.

The girls real adventure starts in living their everyday lives by going to school, and working part time at the Magic shop. The 3 girls renovate MAHO-DOU into a nicer looking shop to attract customers.

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