Abciee Shuugyou Nikki

Other Titles: ABCiee Working Diary

Genre(s): Comedy

Type: TV

Episode: 12

Rate: 5.67 (Rated by 3 Members)

Aired: Jan 7, 2021 to Mar 25, 2021


ABCiee is a bit klutzy and ditsy, but he's full of spunk and he starts his dream job at a TV station! This is a work comedy filled with all kinds of hijinks! "I never knew it was so hard working at a TV station, ciee!" Despite having to face the unknown rules of the TV business, unique coworkers, and guest stars who have very particular quirks, ABCiee takes them head on with his positivity. Work, love, family, whatever goes!! Please watch over ABCiee as he takes on the TV business.

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