D.C.: Da Capo

Other Titles: D.C.~ダ・カーポ~

Genre(s): Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Harem, Love Polygon, Magic, Middle School, Romance, Seinen

Type: TV

Episode: 26

Rate: 8.33 (Rated by 61 Members)

Aired: Jul 6, 2003 to Dec 28, 2003


Asakura Junnichi lives alone with his step-sister Nemu, as their parents are working overseas. Having been brought together by the marriage of their parents, they are happy at having grown up together, and are very close and supportive of each other, so close that perhaps they might have deeper feelings for one another. Being of the same age, they look forward to starting their third year in high school, but there is a breeze of magic in the air that seems to hold a promise of new friends and adventure.

In a magical town where the cherry blossom trees bloom unnaturally all year around, Junnichi stirs uneasily each night, lost in the images of other people's dreams. While Junnichi complains that that he is unhappy at being a minor mage, (only able to perform the simple magic trick of creating a sweet rice ball or two), a number of other special students somehow become entangled in his life. Yoshino Sakura, the daughter of a magician and a childhood friend reappears after a six-year absence to show her joy at being reunited with Junnichi by clinging to his arm, calling him her onii-chan, much to Nemu's concern. The academy's school idol, Shirakawa Kotori, who is rumored to have an ability to understand other people's feelings or thoughts, becomes a friend of Junnichi and Nemu. The strange sisters Mizukoshi Moe and Mako, succeed in drawing Junnichi into their lives with disastrous results. And Junnichi somehow finds himself looking after Miharu-chan, a robot who is attending their school and Sagiswa Yoriko-chan, a cat-eared foundling, who ends up staying at their house in exchange for doing maid-service. But while Junnichi might complain about not having any magic skills and about many other things, there appears to be a greater magic at work in his favor.

Most of the Episodes have 15 minutes of anime followed by a 5-10 minute 'Side Story' which uses the same characters but in a different setting, or a (live action) pop-music-short.

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