Other Titles: はぴねす!

Genre(s): Fantasy, High School, Magic, School Life, Seinen, Action, Romance, Comedy

Type: TV

Episode: 12

Rate: 8.51 (Rated by 93 Members)

Aired: Oct 5, 2006 to Dec 21, 2006


Ten years ago Haruhi was saved from a group of delinquents by a boy's use of magic. It was so inspiring for her that she became a magician herself and is still looking for the boy even though she never even got his name. Fate is kind to her as she finds a boy who she believes to be the one but he doesn't like magic so he couldn't of used it himself now could he?

But this is just one of several events to occur. They are mostly unrelated but they work together in unexpected ways to put a group of children on a collision course.

The other events are going to be left as surprises but they involve dangerous treasures, good intentions gone bad, betrayal, loss, secrets, and questionable parenting.

Now they are in high school and are nearing that fateful encounter. Who will find friendship? Who will find love? Will any of them even survive?

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