Macross Frontier

Other Titles: Macross F

Genre(s): Action, Aliens, Humanoid, Idol, Mecha, Military, Music, Piloted Robots, Shounen, Space Travel

Type: TV

Episode: 25

Rate: 9.26 (Rated by 142 Members)

Aired: Dec 23, 2007 to Sep 25, 2008


Macross F sets out in the year 2059 A.D. The "F" is short for "Frontier", which is also the name of the migration fleet this story is about.
We join the fleet's journey when the concert of the famous pop-idol Sheryl Nome, is just around the corner. Sheryl is visiting Frontier from Macross Galaxy (another colonization fleet), on her tour around the galaxy.
Just like with the Macross Seven migration fleet, the main ship is a huge city-dome. This is the home of the majority of the fleet's population, on the scale of 10 million people. It is a place where they can live life, just as they would back on Earth.
However peace is soon broken when strange alien creatures attack the fleet, just when Sheryl's concert is well underway.

What could it be that have drawn them to this fleet? Is Sheryl the only one on board with a talent for singing? What secrets will we learn about the past? And what cool new Valkyries will be revealed for this show?

Follow the series to find out all that, along with music and dogfights, that will take the Macross universe to a new high.

For this TV series Kanno Youko is handling music, Kikuchi Kouji is director and once again Kawamori Shouji is designing the Valkyries & general director.

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