As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the visual novel, the anime was definitely a letdown for me. I still enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but I feel like compared to the visual novel it just isn't as good. The animation is pretty bad at times (looking at episode 3) but it isn't the worst. The characters, I feel, are pretty well established and their backstories are explained smooth enough. The way they were able to fit in each character's backstory despite only choosing the true ending (Ren's ending) to base the story on is very well done. The music is probably my favorite part of this anime, which is nice considering the original had very good music as well. The voice acting was fine (not counting the dub), and it's certainly a big comfort anime for me personally. Overall, I'd recommend playing the visual novel first if you are into BL and THEN come back to watch the anime if you enjoy the visual novel enough to do so!


I know its been only 4 episodes, but so far, this is really kind of anime i love. Main character Lady Fena is fun, cute, but she can also be mean when it needs i always have problem because main characters are the one whitch pissed me of the most but here I love her, actually after this 4 episodes i like all characters Otto and Salaman omg so cute old guys XD. I hope it will be as good as it is so far, and i will love it as much as i love my beloved "Fushigi no umi no Nadia". Sorry for language mistakes its not my first language.


I will be updating that review. But for now its 10 out of 10.

The Fool

Based.              Red Pilled.               my only regret is not being able to give it an 11. it is the best one off movie I have ever been blessed by. the toe clenching finnale blew my mind and has rewriten my entire outlook on life.








spoiler: darth vader is lukes father


"Cutie Honey" appeared in many different animation and story styles. Some of them were better some worse, and some just disaponted me to the core ("Cutie Honey Universe" Im talking about you). For me, this OVA is one of the best, or even the best rendition of the "Cutie Honey" series. 

It embraces the classical elements that made the anime amazing - bubbly music, light atmosphere and bizzare, often funy scenarios. The animation is not astounding, but the style is pleasant to the eye and captures the energy that this show gives. 

I also like the fact, that the main characters are not pervy like in the old versions and that Kisaragi Honey does not fall in love with Seji (It was already used in the most of the parts). 

My only problem is the nudity and how background characters react to it - I know the anime is mostly fan service, but as a person that loves "Cutie Honey" for the plot, it disgusts me.

Overall I would recommend this series to classical Magical girl fans that like new, fresh and one of a kind designs.



As a big fan of the works of QuinRose, I have decided to finally watch this OVA. I was unsure at first, because a lot of my friends were saying it's bad. I wouldn't say I agree with them, but I also wouldn't say it's amaizing. 

The things that bothered me the most were pacing and how the story went. The creators could just have made one of the series into an anime, but they have decided to mash all of the diffrenet stories, creating a hard to understand mess. I also did not like how the music pieces were placed. My main example is that the main theme starts playing near the end, but not at the end. It misguided and made me think that the movie was going to end sooner than it did. The animation was not terrible, but looking at the low intrest in this series it's expected.


The characters were potrayed greatly - I could even say they were more likeable than in the manga. Especially Blood, in the manga he seemed like a cold hearted brute.

Some characters had fabulous voice acting (Peter White, Vivaldi, Blood), yet some were really annoying (The twins, Ace)

As I said earlier, the story was tangled up, but after some time you could understand what was going on. Some aspects were good like the fact that the scenarios were cute, funny and even emotional.


Overall I think that this was not such a terrible expierience. You can enjoy this movie, but only if you have read most of the manga, If not - you might get lost easily.



i was pleasantly surprised by this anime, I found the characters very well thought of and the protagonsit was easy to like. Its a wholesome anime so i suggest you should give it a try.


Very good all across the board anime. Good and varied characters, well thought through story and flashy colors and good music which makes it entertaining. My favorite part of my favorite anime.


A very good, simply made tsundere character with a wimp as a boyfriend :D Give it a try if you like comedy and romance. I guarantee you will have some laughs throughout this series, maybe even get sad. and that is what is important in my opinion, is that you can connect with the characters.


I would write the story 5 out of 10 because they skipped a lot of important events in the manga the art wasn't that close to the manga art itself but still ive been waiting for this animation!!