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Hey Guys!
How ya all doing! Hope everyone is doing ok! 
Would like to say thanks to everyone who keeps on using OS even though we are slow in updates. Also thank you for our donors who keep this site alive <3.
So..... Another year and its time again :(, I'm no sure if you guys noticed but its been a while since we are not reaching the monthly goal for our servers. As usual im running out of personal funds to shoulder os for the next few months. So I'm afraid I have to ask again for donations in order to keep going.
I'm sorry for not doing much update with the site. since most of my time are work thanks to adulting life hahaha. But if there are site issues or late uploads i'll be able to fix/upload them.
No idea if my post is making sense or what hahaha. 
Again, Thank you everyone for your undying support to OS.
All Hail OS!
*Sorry for my bad english as usual.
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