Dirty Pair Flash

Other Titles: ダーティペアFLASH

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction, Girls with Guns

Type: TV

Episode: 16

Rate: 7.43 (Rated by 7 Members)

Aired: Jan 20, 1994 to Apr 24, 1996


Although it is said that these are younger versions of the original Lovely Angels Kei and Yuri, in truth this series is an alternate universe telling of Dirty Pair, set in the years 2248-49.Kei and Yuri were originally junior auxiliary agents in the W.W.W.A. or 3WA for short, when the two were paired together under the codename "Lovely Angels". They earn their nickname, "the Dirty Pair" due to all the collateral damage they(unintentionally) cause in the completion of their cases.

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