Other Titles: ベターマン

Genre(s): Action, Conspiracy, Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi, Super Power

Type: TV

Episode: 26

Rate: 7.43 (Rated by 14 Members)

Aired: Apr 2, 1999 to Oct 1, 1999


AD 2006, Mankind encounters a mysterious Phenomenon called "Algernon". Nothing is known about Algernon, but the people involved with Algernon are all dead. One day, the mysterious phenomenon Algernon happened at a underground Amusement park. Our hero Keita was in there, and he met our heroine Hinoki driving "Kakuseijin". Keita and Hinoki encounter a lot of mysteries and monsters. What is "Algernon"? And what is "Better man"? Why Better man helps when Hinoki and Keita are in danger? The never ending nightmare has started

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