Titles with 'Sci-fi virtual reality Genre'

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SciFi, Seinen, Fantasy


Virtual Reality, Adventure, Sci-Fi


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen, Super Power, Swordplay, Sci-Fi Virtual Reality


Seinen, Super Power, Virtual Reality

.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, SciFi, Seinen, Virtual Reality

6 Angels

Action, Androids, Gunfights, Mecha, Military, SciFi, Violence

A.D. Police

Action, Androids, Cops, Cyborgs, Gunfights, Law and Order, Mecha, SciFi, Special Squads

A.D. Police (1999)

Action, Androids, Cops, Gunfights, Law and Order, SciFi, Special Squads



Agent Aika

Action, Bounty Hunters, Ecchi, Gunfights, Pantsu, Power Suits, SciFi

Ai City


AIKa Zero

Boing, Comedy, Conspiracy, Ecchi, Gunfights, Large Breasts, Nudity, Pantsu, SciFi

Akai Kodan Zillion

Action, SciFi


Action, Angst, Cyberpunk, Genetic Modification, High School, Horror, Human Enhancement, Military, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi, Seinen, Super Power, Violence

Alien 9

Action, Aliens, Angst, Conspiracy, Horror, Parasites, SciFi, Seinen

Angel Links

Action, Androids, Gunfights, Large Breasts, Military, SciFi, Tragedy

Aoki Ryuusei SPT Layzner

Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi


Action, Cyborgs, Human Enhancement, Mecha, SciFi, Seinen

Appleseed (2004)

Action, Cyborgs, Gunfights, Mecha, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi

Appleseed Saga Ex Machina

Action, Cyborgs, Human Enhancement, Mecha, SciFi, Seinen

Archetypes Forces

Action, Aliens, Gunfights, Mecha, Parasites, Piloted Robots, SciFi, Seinen, Violence

Argento Soma

Action, Angst, Mecha, Military, SciFi, Tragedy


Action, Comedy, Mecha, SciFi