Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte

Other Titles: Please Save My Earth

Genre(s): Aliens, Humanoid, Love Polygon, Romance, SciFi, Shoujo, Super Power, Thriller, Tragedy

Type: TV

Episode: 6

Rate: 8.8 (Rated by 5 Members)

Aired: Dec 17, 1993 to Sep 23, 1994


Ever since she was a little girl, plants and animals have always seemed to love the Japanese high school student, Alice Sakaguchi. Her next door neighbor Rin loves her too. Even though he is only eight years old, he is determined that he will marry Alice.

Alice's classmates, Jinpachi and Isssei, tell her that they've been sharing the same dreams since they were in junior high. The people and objects in their dreams always have the same names, and they remember details and conversations as though they were awake. The setting for the dreams is always the Moon. On the moon there are seven scientists that are from another planet that watch and study the earth.

Alice has a "moon dream", where she recalls her life on the moon and her love for Shion. Together the three of them search for the rest of the seven scientists and the story of PSME really begins...but I can't ruin it for you! You'll just have to see it for yourself!

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