Aishiteruze Baby

Other Titles: 愛してるぜベイベ★★

Genre(s): Coming of Age, Romance, Shoujo

Type: TV

Episode: 26

Rate: 9.19 (Rated by 162 Members)

Aired: Apr 3, 2004 to Oct 9, 2004


Kippei is a ladies man. Always in trouble for flirting in class, after class, anytime he can. So it is some big surprise to him when he gets saddled with watching Yuzuyu, a cute little girl.

Yuzuyu's mother has gone missing, and so Kippei's family is watching her until her mother can be found. Of course, since Kippei could use a few lessons in responsibility, he is the "best" choice for the job.

This story is working out to be very cute. Kippei's natural "mother" instinct is really brought to the front while trying to to his best for Yuzuyu, but he is a boy. His ineptitude regarding the smallest things a mother would need to know [like packing a lunch for school] are endearing rather than hokey, and the character of Yuzuyu is cute, without being overly so.

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